Sunday, February 20, 2011

My New Little Toy

Ben and I went over to Big Lots! this morning because they are having a 2-day President's Day sale. I saw in their flyer the cutest little camcorder and I wanted to check it out. It was only $19 and I thought maybe it would be good for my hikes. Anyway, after checking it out in the store, I bought it. They only had 2 of them left, so I'm glad I got there early. They normally sell for $25 at Big Lots! and the range anywhere from $50 to $99 when you look them up on line, so I got a pretty good deal.

It's called the Simpleflix Slick Camcorder.

It's a little tiny thing that fits in the palm of your hand (only 4" X 2"). Mine is just like these photos, but mine is black instead of gray. It takes still photos (you can adjust the resolution, it has effects, etc.). It takes videos. It can be used as a web cam.

It comes with a little tripod, hand strap, soft carrying case and a disk with an Arc Soft program on it for managing your photos and videos. It also has a USB cable for plugging it directly into your computer and it has an "RCA" cable for plugging it into a TV. It runs on 3 AAA batteries. It does not have an internal memory, so you use an SD Card which I prefer anyway.

I think I got a pretty good deal on it.


  1. Very nice, Kay... I have never had a camcorder. One of my sons has one and takes great videos with it.. I'm sure you will love it.


  2. Looks like a great deal, Kay!
    Cheers, Peggy

  3. Enjoy your new toy. I don't have one and wouldn't know how to use it if I did.

  4. I saw this advertised, glad you got one and hope you enjoy it. Didn't it come with a tripod?

  5. Now that looks like a neat little cam. I look forward to seeing it in person and the video presentation that you will create. Darn, why didn't I see that deal?


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