Monday, February 21, 2011

"Perfect" Brownie Pan

A few weeks ago I bought one of those "Perfect" Brownie Pans that you see on TV.

I've seen them for $19.95 at most stores, but was able to get one at Big Lots! for only $7.00 which was a good deal, or so I thought.
As you may know, it comes with three pieces. The first piece is referred to as the "mould". The second piece is referred to as the  "plate" and the last piece is referred to as the "divider". The plate is supposed to sit inside the mould and this is where you pour your batter. This is fine except they also mention that you'd better put a piece of aluminum foil on the rack under the mould and plate when you are baking the brownies because since the plate is removable, there is not a good seal and some of the batter leaks out. The claim that warming the mould and plate in the oven for 5 minutes prior to pouring in the batter will help prevent leaks as it supposedly makes the plate fit for firmly into the mould. NOT! After pouring the batter into the plate/mould combination, you then place the divider into the batter, then you put the entire thing into the oven for baking. DON'T FORGET THE PIECE OF ALUMINUM FOIL!
I was not sure how long to bake the brownies for as the mould is not your normal size baking pan. Usually brownie pans are 9"X13" but this pan is 6"X10". I tried 25 minutes but the center of the batter was still uncooked, so I had to go about 40 minutes before the "toothpick test" worked.
When I took the pan out of the over, the aluminum foil was stuck to the bottom of it because of the leakage between the plate and the mould.
It was easy to remove the divider, however, the plate was pretty much stuck to the mould due to the baked on batter that had leaked out onto the aluminum foil. I was able to remove the aluminum foil with no problem, but I had to scrape the baked batter off the bottom of the plate so that I could remove the plate from the mould.

All in all the brownies themselves came out pretty good, but the really need to come up with a way that this pan won't leak. I'm thinking next time I might put a piece of aluminum foil inside the plate/mould combination. That should stop the leakage I think.


  1. Also, you could use that "Release" Aluminum foil...I don't think I'm going to be buying this pan after reading what you wrote...Thanks, Kay...This was really helpful...hugs...Pattie

  2. I know your frustrations, I have had crap like this through the years, in fact I recently got one of those flexible baking brownie pans, I took it back! I guess if it's too good to be true, it probably is!!

  3. My mother-in-law had one of those things a year or so ago---and hated it.. She said it was too much work, and there were too many pieces.. BUT--if the brownies are good, maybe it's worth all of the hassle.


  4. I thought those looked to good to be true LOL.

  5. I got a better deal. $2.00 at our Senior Center Rummage Room. And I got an extra piece. It is a stand. The stand will hold the mould and plate while you fill it, then when done baking and ready to serve you can turn the stand upside down and it will let mould be removed (slide down and the plate will remain on the stand with the brownies. Trying it for the first time today.


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