Monday, February 14, 2011

Something Most People Do Not Know About Me

I have never been in or seen a tornado. We don't get many of them here in California and when we do, they are usually water spouts out over the Pacific Ocean.

I have always been terrified by the thought of being in a tornado or even seeing one. I remember when I was a kid and my family would go to Oklahoma to visit my aunt's family every year. Sometimes when we were there, we'd have huge thunder, lightning and rain storms and I was always afraid that a tornado was coming.

With this said, for some reason, I am totally fascinated by tornadoes. I love watching "Storm Chasers". I loved the movie "Twister". I can even understand why storm chasers do what they do, even though I would never do it myself.

I don't like when a tornado hits a town or a farm, destroying everything in it's path or killing people, but out in the middle of nowhere, where it cannot destroy or kill, a tornado can be a wondrous thing. They come in so many shapes and sizes. They swoop up and down from the clouds to the ground and back again.

Maybe I'm crazy, but when I see something on TV about a tornado, I am hypnotized by it.

I happened to see these 10 interesting facts about tornadoes online today and thought I'd share it. You can click on the graphic below to enlarge it so it will be easier to read.


  1. I have seen the ravages of a tornado, been IN one, and never hope to experience it again. I have seen a single piece of straw driven directly into a brick wall, garbage lids hurled like frizbees, taking virgin pines,65 ft. tall, cutting them to the ground. After the tornado, a paper cup still sat empty, on a picnic table from the family reunion, minutes earlier. My children and I, and brother, were left soaked in a canvas tent, crawled out after the storm, to find huge trees, lying on each side of us, but not injuring any of us. God's work, for sure. Yes, you have reason to be terrified of tornados. They do tremendous damage to some of its path and leave other areas unscathed. Our town was once hit, destroying most of its virgin timbers and leaving so many without power, water, homes. This past couple of weeks, my brother is busy doing tree clean-up from last falls tornado, that left one of his 40's flat of which used to be a gorgeous stand of hard maple, poplar and hemlock. Funny how it just flattened his land, none around his, and skipped over about 5 miles before touching down again, and destroying a lot of the last resort on the flowage north of us. Thank God for only a few superficial injuries. Bittersweet memories. Stay safe. Sorry I got so long-winded.

  2. We have them here in the south. There was one that hit the homes across the street from me. The sound is horrible because all you can hear is the sound of the whirling and the breaking glass and wood popping. I on the other hand like stormy weather. Tornados are frightening.

  3. Hmmmmmmm Kay...Sounds like you were a Storm Chaser --or knew something about tornadoes in a past life!!!!! I know that I think I was a Meteorologist in a past life--since I have such a fascination on the weather...

    Well--who knows, but it's a good thought anyhow, isn't it?????



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