Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ben's Latest Visit To The Eye Doctor

Took Ben down to Kaiser Panorama City for his appointment with his ophthalmologist today. They doctor told him to cut back on his eye drops from twice a day to once a day and to stop them all together in two weeks. He will go back to the doctor on April 1st when they will decide when they are going to do the surgery to remove the oil bubble they placed in his eye when he had the vitrectomy last October. They will also be doing cataract surgery on the eye at the same time. Doctor told him that they cannot do either surgery until 6 months past the original surgery which will be the middle of April.
Sure hope he will get some sight back in his left eye after all of this is over.


  1. Sounds like the doctors have done a good --and careful- job with Ben and his eye problems. Hopefully, he will eventually get that sight back in that eye... It has been a long journey for him, for both of you.


  2. Kay, my prayers are with your Ben. Bill had lost his central vision with his diabetes and neglecting to mention it for 3 months. After a laser treatment and 2 sets of injections directly into the eye, he finally is regaining some of his vision. They did another laser to stabilize what has improved. Now, he is having difficulty with the other eye....some things are never ending, it seems. Hang in there.


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