Monday, April 6, 2009

Country Music

Stayed up last night and watched the Country Music Awards on TV. There are so many new singers that I don't know who most of them are anymore, but they are all great!
Reba looked fantastic as usual. George Strait is getting a little older looking, but still very handsome. Carey Underwood is so cute. She was so surprised when she won "Entertainer Of The Year". Taylor Swift....what a little cutie she is, only 19 years old and such a big star.
Loved seeing Matthew McConaughey. Now he is one "hunky" young man. The "dirty old woman in me is showing" (LOL). I have liked him ever since I saw him in "The Wedding Planner" with J-Lo.
Still miss seeing a lot of the "old" country music stars though.

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  1. I love country music but I'm like you there are so many new stars I don't know.


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