Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday Evening

Another weekend has come and gone.
Beautiful weather here in SoCal all day and HOT....we got up into the 80's today.
We headed up to Sam's Club this morning only to realize when we got there that they were closed for Easter. Oh well.....
I came home and worked on some of my family tree information. I found a great site where I was able to get some information that I had not been able to find before. I also found my grandfather's and grandmother's death certificates. They both died in Missouri and Missouri has online documents that you can print out. Most states want you to pay for these things.
Never did get a walk in today. I just was not in the mood to go out and do that. Wish I had someone to walk with. Then it's not so boring.


  1. Hi...well if I was closer I would walk with you...cause I should do it...but I don' is cool here...but sunny...but today we will get rain...I have used Ancestry.Com for alot of my family tree info...have had good results...we have did all four members from both a stepmother...and she was excited about some info we found LOLOL...I love doing it...anything I can look up...just email me LOL...hugs to ya...Ora in KY

  2. Hi Kay, I just came over from Ora's Blog. I will have to come back to see how you are doing with your Family tree. m Marlene


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