Friday, April 10, 2009

Started My Family Tree

Well, I sorted my information I have on my Mom's family. I have emailed a few cousins to see what they can tell me about their individual unit of the family and am awaiting their reply.
I still have to scan some photos to add. I found a site called where I can publish my family tree so my other family members can see it. is a free site, so that's great.
Today we had some strange weather here in SoCal. They kept saying it was going to rain, but I was beginning to think they were full of it. It was cloudy, but really did not look like rain clouds. About 2:30 pm I was in on the computer working on the family tree when I heard this really loud "CLAP" outside. At first I thought someone had crashed their car because I had not seen the flash of lightning. Ben had seen the flash, so he knew the thunder was coming. It must have been really close because it shook the house. Scared me half to death!

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  1. I wish it would have rained here. I didn't see one bit of rain, not a hint of it. And I love rain. I get excited when they say it's going to rain.


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