Thursday, April 23, 2009

More Work On My Family Tree

Wow, I never really thought about how much time it would take to create my family tree. Now I'm wondering if I should have promised my brother and my cousins that I would do it and get copies the tree to them.
I'm trying to do both sides of our grandparents, which actually means doing four families. And once you get searching, you actually find more families beyond those four, but I'm trying to keep it down to just the four originals.
I've asked my cousins for information on their families....husbands/wives, children, grandchildren. And just that alone takes a lot of time adding to the tree because some of my cousins have really BIG families.
I must say though that I am enjoying working on the tree. It's just taking longer than I thought it would.
It was cooler here today. Got up to 79 degrees but was overcast due to a marine layer coming in off the Pacific Ocean.

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