Friday, August 27, 2010

Do You Remember Bobby Darin?

Bobby Darin was born Walden Robert Perciville Cassotto in The Bronx in 1936.
Bobby started his music career by writing songs and later started singing his own songs.
He also did some acting.
In the early 1970's he had several heart surgeries and died of heart disease in 1973.
Among his many hits were "Splish Splash", "Mack The  Knife", "Beyond The Sea" and my favorite "Dream Lover".

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  1. Hi Kay, It's hard to leave comments on your blog because the video is covering up the comment button (at least on my computer)... Anyhow---I clicked in a bunch of places until I found the button.

    I loved Bobby Darin --and "Mack the Knife" is my favorite song of his....

    Have a great weekend.


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