Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Drive

We just got back from the "proverbial Sunday Drive". It's very hot out there. Right now as I look at our indoor/outdoor thermometer on the living room wall, it shows that it is 97 degrees out on the patio.

I took a couple of photos over near Vasquez Rocks County Park in Agua Dulce, CA while on our drive.


  1. Love those blue blue skies, Kay.... We didn't have a pretty day... Hot --but quite cloudy.............. SO--we didn't take a Sunday ride today... Besides, I've been working on Family History all day.


  2. Beautiful country!!!

    Okay, I think I understood your request to edit your Kay's Way and drop the 'chit chat' part of the blog title and I also updated the link. [bloggers over 50]

    Thanks for letting me know.


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