Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday The 13th

Well today is Friday the 13th. Lucky or unlucky? I've always seemed to find it "lucky". Years ago when Ben and I used to go to Las Vegas we always went up on the weekend that had a Friday the 13th. We always seemed to win on those trips. We also stayed in a motel on Fremont Street that had the address of 1313 Fremont and we stayed in Room 13....yes, they actually had a room 13.
Last week I had a sore throat for 2 days. Thought I was coming down with something, but then the sore throat went away and now I have runny eyes, runny nose, I keep sneezing and my voice is hoarse. I'm thinking now that I either have a sinus infection or some kind of allergy. Went out for a 1 mile walk this morning. Ran into a neighbor lady whom I am not very acquainted with, but we've waved and spoken a few times. She also walks so we started discussing getting together for our walks. She said she had asked several people in our community to walk with her and they all turned her down. I told her she never asked me. It is so much better when you have someone to walk with. You get to talking and then the walk goes by much faster and you are not as bored. I told her that I like to walk in other areas too and she said that would be fun. So now we will have to get together to do those walks.

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  1. Hope nothing 'spooky' happened to you today, Kay.... We drove to Hendersonville to check on hubby's parents---and made it back home safely.... ha

    Glad you have found a walking partner... Like you said, that will make walking so much more fun...


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