Monday, August 9, 2010

Just Back From My Morning Walk

I'm sitting out on my's 65 degrees and I just got back from my morning walk. I decided to try a different walking/bike trail here in our valley this morning as I get so bored walking the same areas all the time.
There are walking/bike trails all over our valley. In fact, they claim that they are all connected and that if you really wanted to, you could walk from one end of the valley to the other on these trails.
Anyway, I drove over to Valencia Heritage Park on Newhall Ranch Road where I left my car in the parking lot and walked over to the trail that runs along one of the forks of the dry riverbed. Since I had never walked this trail before, I had to decide if I wanted to head to my right or to my left. Today I went to my left.
The trail winds down behind some houses that butt up to the dry riverbed. It passes under a couple of roads and dead ends at McBean Parkway just under a mile from where I started.
I love looking into peoples yards to see how the decorate their patios or what flowers/bushes they have planted.
Anyway, once the trail came to a dead-end, I turned around and headed back to the park and my car. Did 1.8 miles today.

Starting down the trail

Passing under one of the roads

Protected oak tree

On my way back to the car

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  1. Nice walk, Kay.... I love seeing those bright blue skies... On our recent trip, we had some blue skies with puffy white clouds... So pretty!!!!! Looks like you had a nice walk....

    Love your birdies in the next post... Glad they have found your food supply.


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