Monday, August 23, 2010

Do You Remember Johnny Mathis?

John Royce Mathis was born in Texas in 1935. He was the 4th of 7 children.
When he was a small boy, his family moved to San Francisco where Johnny learned an appreciation for music.
At age 13, he began to take voice lessons.
In 1955, Johnny began singing in clubs on the weekends.
In 1956, he recorded his first record. He also started working with Mitch Miller and recorded "Wonderful Wonderful" and "It's Not For Me To Say".
From then on, Johnny's career took off and he is still going strong today.
He's had many songs including "Misty", "The Twelfth of Never" and "Chances Are".

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  1. He was my FAVORITE Singer when I was a teen, Kay.... I bought his music for years --even after I became an adult... He's the BEST.

    Thanks for the family history. Interesting.


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