Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Clouds or Smoke?

Today we cannot tell what is clouds or what is smoke. We are getting the outer bans of Hurricane Jimena that is now at the tip of Bajo, California so we know there are some clouds, plus we actually got some big rain drops earlier when we were out this morning. I wish it would POUR! That's what our firefighters need to help them put this monster fire out. Because of the layer of clouds, the smoke is staying closer to the ground than it has for several days so it really stinks and it is really thick.
Below is a photo I got off the Internet from the Mt. Wilson web cam. On Mt. Wilson is an observatory and also all of the communication towers for Los Angeles and the outlying cities. These towers are used for television and radio signals plus the fire, police and sheriff communications. They are afraid that the fire may get to them and stop all communication in most of Southern California.

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  1. I pray that your area will get lots of rain and put that horrible fire out. Helen


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