Sunday, September 6, 2009

One More Week Until Vacation

Was able to go for my walk again this morning. While I was out, I started hearing sirens and I heard helicopters flying around. Then I started to smell smoke. I thought "oh no, here we go again". I could see a little plume of brown smoke to the east, but it hadn't gotten too bad yet. When I got home, I turned on our scanner and found out the the fire was up Sierra Highway about 3 or 4 miles from us "as the crow flies". Thank goodness, there are a lot of fire personnel in the area right now with the fire camp being over at Central Park. They had the small blaze out in no time. Ben and I drove up that way this afternoon and saw where it had burned maybe an acre or so on the side of the hill.
As I mentioned in the blog title, we are not only one week away from the start of our vacation. We will be leaving around 6:00 AM next Sunday morning and arrive in Ferndale, CA probably around 3:00 PM or 4:00 PM in the afternoon. We used to do the drive in two days with a stop over in Williams, CA but this year we have decided to drive the entire 600+ miles in one day which should take us about 10 hours. We will alternate the driving so neither of us will get too pooped to pop.
Tomorrow we need to get our huge duffle bag down from it's storage place so I can start doing some packing during the week.
We are really looking forward to this trip. Our suite has WiFi, so I should be able to be online in the evenings and maybe post some photos or videos and do a little blogging about what we've been doing.


  1. Great... I'm glad we may hear from you while you are on your trip. I know you are looking forward to it. Hope no other fires start up this week in your area ---or anywhere out there.


  2. Glad they got the fire under control quickly today. How exciting to be preparing to take a trip. I look forward to you sharing part of your days with us.
    I checked and Marlo Thomas and Phil Donahue have been married since 1980.


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