Friday, September 18, 2009

Day 6 of Vacation

Today we decided to head up to Crescent City again hoping that the weather would be better than it was Monday. It was nice and sunny when we left Ferndale and beautiful all the way up, but when we got to Crescent City, the fog started to roll in. We were standing in the parking lot for the Battery Point Light and couldn't even see it. We decided to go check out some gift shops and then headed back. The fog had lifted a little, but we were not able to see the St. George Reef Light as it is 6 miles off the coast. I did walk to the end of St. George Point to take some photos. On the way back along the path, I scared a little snake that went slithering across the path in front of me. He scared me too. We left Crescent City and headed back to Klammoth to have lunch at the Forest Cafe again, which is where we ate last Monday. Then we drove back down to Trinidad, CA and took more photos since it was a better day than when we were there Monday.
Here is the link for today's photos:

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