Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day 2009

Didn't really do anything today. We never do on holidays as there are just way too many people on the roads and we don't like crowds.
I went for my morning walk then we did a little packing for our trip. I have enough clothes that I was able to pack all of my clothes, but Ben doesn't. So we will have to do most of his packing the end of the week.
Went over to the Kaiser Pharmacy to see if my medications that I ordered online yesterday were ready for pickup, but they weren't. Since today was a holiday, they didn't get their delivery so they told me to come back tomorrow.
We had lunch over at Del Taco. Love their bacon cheeseburgers.
Mostly just been staying around here at home watching "The Golden Girls" on the Hallmark channel. They are having a marathon.
Hope all of you have had a great day.


  1. Hi Kay, We did mostly the same thing that you all did. We stayed at home --and relaxed most of the day. It rained quite a bit--so that made relaxing even easier. Then, we went out for some fajitas in the late afternoon.

  2. Glad you had a peaceful day....i worked at the mountain park and we had lots of visitors....last big weekend before summer is over.....ahhhhh...

    Enjoy your vacation....LindaMay

  3. Your lunch sounds very good. Nalley has been asking me to make red beans and rice with hot sausage, so I tried that tonight. It was very tasty but a little too hot for me! We took it easy today too. I think we all took a cat nap during the afternoon!


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