Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day 5 of Vacation

Today we drove around on the back roads just sightseeing. We drove over Grizzly Bluff to Rio Dell and Scotia. Scotia was once the home of the Pacific Lumber Company and they used to have a really neat self-guided tour there but the lumber company was sold. There is an old Inn there that had been closed down for many years and I had always wanted to see the inside of it. It was refurbished and reopened last year so we went inside and they let us wander around and take photos.We went over to the Bear River Indian Casino in Loleta. I told Ben before we got there that we may as well hand the Indians our money and walk out. We may should have just done that since we dropped $40 in about 15 minutes.Then we went over to the Wildlife Refuge and up to the Jetty where we watch some people para sailing off the bluffs. Then we drove over to a couple of small covered bridges on a back road near Eureka. Here is the link for today photos:

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