Monday, November 30, 2009


I accomplished everything I had planned to do today except for one thing.
I cleaned the house this morning, then went over to WalMart. They sure have a lot of Christmas decorations over there and they were putting more stuff out on the shelves while I was there.
Came home and had my lunch and watched my soap (Young & Restless). After lunch, I put some Christmas lights up on the outside of the house. This year, I only put them around our front door. Last year I had them around the front door, all across the porch, across the front of the house and the front of the garage. It's just too much for my anymore to climb up and down the ladder to hang so many lights, so I decided to "downsize" this year. I did put a small fiberoptic tree on the front porch too.
I'll put up the tree and decorate the inside of the house next Monday.
The one thing I didn't get done was stuffing my Christmas cards and letters into envelopes, getting them addressed and ready to mail. I make my own cards and I buy "greeting card envelopes" over at OfficeMax. Well, I thought I had more envelopes, but found out I only had about 5 of them left from last year, so I have to go buy some before I can get the cards and letters ready to go.
Hope you all had a good day.

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