Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New Meds

Started taking my new cholesterol meds this evening with dinner. From my experience, it takes anywhere between 3 to 10 days for my muscles and joints to start hurting from the statin. The first statin I ever took 4 years ago hit me in 10 days and all the others after that took less time to bring on the pain. I hope that this one won't cause pain, but if it does, I'm done with them forever. I know....I said that before, but I keep thinking that just maybe there is one out there that will not effect me like the others. Maybe I'm crazy too.


  1. Well good luck, Kay... Luckily, I just came home on Monday from my doctor's appointment after having my lab work done last week. I was SO afraid that the cholesterol would be high and that my doctor would want to medicate me. (I think that is what doctors do.. They love to medicate us!)

    Anyhow--I got lucky. My cholesterol IS fine now. It was 211. The HDL was 52 and the LDL was 103. My doctor was pleased ---so I don't have to worry for another 3 months --when I'll be checked again.

    My doctor did say that there are other medications besides statins for cholesterol. Did you doctor mention that????

    I hope you can take your new meds with no problems. ME? I don't ever want to take a statin again. (I HOPE!)


  2. No Betsy, my doctor did not tell me there were other medications besides the statins. I know Zetia is not a statin, but I tried it and it also gave me the muscle pain.



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