Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hard Water

Don't know about where you live, but we have extremely hard water here where we live. It is so hard that if we do not use a water softener service, we do not get any suds when batheing, washing clothes or washing dishes. It is so hard that it tastes like the inside of a pipe if we don't use a service. It leaves hard water spots on everything!
For years we have been using a service called Culligan. We rent a water softener tank from them, which they are supposed to come and change every-other week and they also charge us a service fee each time they come out and change the tank.
There have been three times in the past three months that they have not delivered on the day they were supposed to deliver and I had to call and complain. Also the rental price has gone up $16.00 a month since last December.
We've been using this soft water service for about 26 years. When we first signed up with them, it cost us about $18 a month. Now we are paying about $55 a month.
Well today we had a guy from a company called Puronics come out to our home and talk to us about purchasing a Puronics Water Filter/Softener System. Yes, owning your own system instead of renting one from Culligan can be an expensive purchase, but when you actually think about it in the long run, it's a lot less expensive..
We would be paying Culligan for the rest of our lives to rent their monthly service since our water is hard and keeps getting harder. Right now we pay them over $700 a year and we do not own the system. For about the same price per month, we will be buying a system that will belong to us once it's paid for. Puronics services their product every 3 months for free and every 3 years, they flush it and do a complete maintenance service on it for $275.00 which comes out to less than $100 per year instead of the $700 a year we are paying to Culligan.
The guy from Puronics said we can deduct the cost of the system on our income tax.
And what's really nice is that this system is totally GREEN!


  1. Very interesting. We have Culligan, and I haven't been thrilled with their service.

  2. Hmmm, we don't have any water softening service, but sometimes wish we did. We have hard water also, but I just put the lack of soap suds down to the environmentally friendly soap powders you get these days.
    It really pays to go "green" in the long run, I try and be mindful of that daily.
    Good luck !


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