Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cholesterol Part 2

Well, I've gotten some interesting comments about my last blog here and over on my "Not Over The Hill" web community.
I was told that many people have the same problem as me, they cannot tolerate the statins. Some of them say they are afraid to take statins because they have heard how they can harm our bodies in other ways, like destroying the liver. My grandmother and aunt died from liver disease, so that is another reason I do not want to be dependent on statins.
My older brother and I read up on some of the things that statins cause and one of them is Congestive Heart Failure. It seams that statins destroy muscle. That is why I worried when I started getting the muscle pain when I tried them. Anyway, my brother found an article that said doctors know that COQ10 will help protect your muscles when you are taking statins and since your heart is a muscle, taking the COQ10 will help prevent Congestive Heart Failure.
Our mother died of Congestive Heart Failure and she had been taking statins for many, many years. She never knew about COQ10 and she was never told about it from her doctor, so my brother believes that it was the statins that killed her.
You can search the Internet to find facts about COQ10.
One friend over on "Not Over The Hill" told me that her husband refuses to take statins. He has started using a product called "Benecol Chews". Supposedly these caramel chews have been proven to lower cholesterol. She said he swears by them. Has anyone heard of them or tried them?
I want to see if the "Bayer Heart Health Advantage" tablets help me any before I jump into trying something else.

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  1. Thanks soooo much for this info....when my husband took statins...he had so much leg pain , he could barely walk at off of them very fast....



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