Saturday, December 19, 2009

Another Crazy Day At Kaiser Medical Center

Yesterday, Ben was supposed to go back to the Ophthalmologist to have the procedure where they would inject the veggie oil into his arm vein and they would then take photos of the back of his eye to see if there were any leaks in the veins. We left the house at 12:45 PM to make his appointment over in the other valley at 1:45 PM.
They dilated his pupils and then said that there was still too much blood in his eye to see the veins clearly and that they could NOT do the procedure!
His blood pressure was a little high, so they sent him over to another building at the medical center where they have a Blood Pressure Center. There they took his blood pressure again and it was even higher than it had been in the doctor's office because now he's getting upset about them not doing the procedure and the fact that he will have to go back again and just everything that was happening.
The B/P Center then sent him to a Nurse Practioner to have her check his B/P and prescribe some B/P meds for him. Well, she took his B/P and once again, it was higher than it had been in the B/P Center! The NP prescribed the meds but insisted that he see an Internist because they did not want to release him with such high blood pressure.
So we go upstairs to the Internist and again, when they take his B/P, it's even HIGHER! The more they did, the more it upset him. They gave him some kind of medication that is supposed to lower the blood pressure quickly, but it wasn't working, so they gave him a double dose.
They FINALLY let him leave at 5:30 PM and we got home around 6:30 PM because the traffic was so bad on the freeway.
What is really upsetting is that the procedure we went all the way down there for wasn't done and we will have to go back down another day to have it done. Hopefully the B/P meds they prescribed for Ben will kick in and his B/P won't spike again while we are at the doctor's office.
I'm glad that he is back on the meds. He had this samething happen a year ago and that's when he said he didn't "believe" that his B/P was too high and he refused to take the meds. I told him today that if he had stuck to taking them a year ago, he probably would not have had to go through all of this today.
Now he has resigned to the fact that he will be taking them for the rest of his life.

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