Monday, December 7, 2009

Finally Some Rain!

Didn't really have anything to post yesterday. It was a "ho hum" day basically. Ben and I just hung out at home, watched a little TV and that's about it.
We are finally getting a little rain here in SoCal this morning, but I'm afraid it's not going to be that much. We need a BIG bunch of rain. What's really bad is that the northern part of the state has not gotten much weather either and that's where our drinking water comes from....the snow pack in the Sierra Nevadas.
Our average rainfall here in SoCal is about 15" a year and right now, I don't think we've gotten even 5" yet. Of course we are heading into our "rainy season" which is December through February, with January being our wettest month. In January of 2005, we received 38" of rain here, which is really a lot for us.
Only problem with it raining is that we had that big wildfire a few months back (The Stage Fire) over in the San Gabrial mountians and the people that live in those areas are worried about mudslides.
I looked out into my backyard this morning and saw the raindrops on some flowers, so took some photos.

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