Friday, December 4, 2009

Painful Joints

Don't know if it's the cold weather in the mornings or what, but I've had painful joints today. Mostly in my neck and shoulders. I didn't even get out for a walk today.
Talked to my brother in northern California and he said they may get snow this weekend. The snow level is down to about 1500 feet and where he lives, it's over 1600 feet. He said it was all cloudy and gray there. We are supposed to get some rain by Monday. Sure hope we do because we need it.

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  1. Love your Christmas blog look and your header, Kay... Sorry that the economy has hit so hard in your area. It truly is sad.

    Yes---as we get older, our joints do seem to predict the weather, don't they????

    We got SNOW... Tomorrow's post!!!! ha


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