Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hoping For Some Rain

Just got back from my morning walk. Did 2 miles along the dry riverbed. This morning when we first got up the sky was very cloudy. Ben left for work and I decided to go for the walk. By the time I left, the sun was peeking out, but the clouds are still sneaking in over the mountains. We really need rain and they are saying we should get a small storm by Sunday night or Monday morning and then later in the week, they are saying we should get a bigger storm with more rain.

I need to get out and start cleaning the garage up some. I'm doing it in sections. Already did 3 sections. We have shelving out there and I'm going though everything to see what needs to get tossed or go to the Goodwill. We also have a pool table in the middle of the garage that we can't even use because we have so much junk surrounding it and under it. I need to clean all of that up too so we can get back to playing again.

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  1. thanks, Kay, for the instructions on doing the hyperlink. I had forgotten one of the pieces/parts.


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