Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Follow-up On My Husband

Ben's laser eye surgery went well. The did his right eye, which is NOT the one with the ruptured vein, however, they saw that the veins in the right eye were on the verge of rupturing, so they wanted to stop that from happening. The next surgery will be on the eye with the already ruptured vein.
His B/P was still up some. It was not as bad as it was when we were there 11 days ago. They sent him back to the NP who prescribed the meds for him and she doubled the dosage.


  1. Hi Kay, Looks like you all had a nice Christmas. Glad your brother came to visit. Glad also that your hubby's eye surgery SO FAR is going well. Hope they can get the BP straightened out.

    Love the picture of you two on your "Merry Christmas" card... CUTE!!!!

    George uses a low shutter speed to get those water pictures...


  2. Thanks for the info on the shutter speed. I'll have to check that out.


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