Monday, December 8, 2014

Busy All Day

Up at 6 am for our Monday dog walk with Jean then a little play date for the dogs. Had breakfast and then waited for my friend Ed to show up.
He got here just after 10:30 am. We talked for a while and then around 11:15 am we headed over to Round Table Pizza for their lunch buffet.
Came home and Ed played with Hiker for a while. I had been telling her before he got here that she needed to be nice to him and not bark, snarl, show her teeth and nip at him and she was actually pretty good this time. I still do not understand what it is about him that she doesn’t like.
After Ed left, I had to run over to Sam’s Club and pick up some things. There were more crowded than when I usually go in the morning. Guess I should not go over there on a Monday because after a weekend of people shopping, they don’t have some of the stuff I need. They didn’t have very many eggs and I needed them. They didn’t have any Eggland’s Best at all, so I had to buy some cage free brown eggs instead.
Came home and paid some bills and then settled down to watch some TV.
Have my support group tomorrow.

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  1. Glad Hiker behaved herself when your friend visited. I like Eggland eggs too.


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