Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My Brother Keith Headed Home

Slept in until almost 8 am this morning. Woke up very sore from the past 2 days of hiking I guess. I realize now that when I sleep in later, I feel worse when I get up. It was very cloudy outside and was warmer this morning. 47° when we got up.
Had some breakfast and then watched a little TV, then Keith and I headed out to do some errands.
Decided to do my grocery shopping today and get it out of the way before the holiday. Keith and I decided to buy some stuff for lunch today. Had some summer sausage, soft cheese for crackers, etc. Was yummy.
Very cold here all day today. Mostly cloudy too. They are still saying we are going to get a really cold storm blowing through tonight with snow around 2000 ft. and they are also saying we are going to get a lot of wind, but not much rain.
Keith headed back home to Orange County around 1:15 pm. He texted me when he got home and it took him around 2 hours to get home. He said the traffic was terrible and that it was raining in Pasadena and in the San Gabriel Valley. Hiker was crying some when Keith was gathering up his stuff to leave.
My brother Ron called me because he is thinking about buying a new car and I think he was calling to see what I thought about it. But it is his decision, no mine.
Wind was really blowing by 3 pm and the sky looks threatening.

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  1. It is nice you are so close with your siblings. Poor Hiker missing your brother like that. With all those hikes you are getting your exercise in for sure. Don't overdo.


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