Sunday, December 28, 2014

Nice Afternoon For A Hike

We slept in a little this morning because it was cold here in SoCal. It was only 33° here and we were under a frost warning.
We had breakfast and then waited until it warmed up some before we headed out for a hike. We went to a new open space area called Wildwood Canyon. We had never hiked this area before. I could really tell I was out of shape. Have not hiked as much as I used too and my leg muscles were hurting and I was huffing and puffing when going up the hills. I really do need to get back to hiking more.
Anyway, we didn’t really care much for this hiking area because it was not as scenic as many of our other hiking areas. I like to hike the canyons that have more photo ops and more history to them.
While on the trail we came across a few people with dogs and one of the dogs was an Aussie Cattle Dog. I think the owner said the dog’s name was Oscar. Hiker and Oscar said their hellos and we headed on down the trail.
We brought Hiker back home and then Keith and I headed over to Carl’s Jr. for a late lunch. Had their new mile-high bacon burgers. They are pretty tasty!
Came back home and played in the yard with Hiker for a while. The afternoon sun felt really good.

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  1. How sweet that Hiker met Oscar. That burger sounds mighty good.


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