Sunday, December 7, 2014

Cool And Cloudy Sunday

Slept in just a little while this morning. With the cooler weather, the bed feels so good in the early morning.
Did some laundry, had breakfast and checked my email. The watched a little TV.
I had to repair some Christmas yard decorations that I had purchased at The Dollar Tree. It seems the sticks they put on them were made from tight rolled up paper or cardboard and when we had the rain, it got them wet and the decorations fell over. I took the paper sticks off and put some really wood sticks on them.
It was partly cloudy all day and in the low 70’s.
In the afternoon, Hiker and I got into the car and went to buy my lottery tickets for Wednesday night.
Have a busy week coming up. Monday have our dog walk with Jean in the morning and then my friend Ed is coming up from Pomona to go to lunch. Tuesday I have my support group, Wednesday and Thursday and have to take care of my grocery shopping…Sam’s Club one day and Stater Brothers the next. Friday evening is our community’s Christmas party.

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