Friday, December 5, 2014

Eye Appointment Day

Up at 6am to go for a dog walk with Jean at 7am. Did not have a play date with the dogs because we had to leave at 9am to head down to Kaiser in Panorama City so I could go to my appointment with my retinal specialist.
Did not get an injection today. They doctor took some photos of the inside of my eyes and then he examined them with his little lights and scopes. He said that the seepage has lessened, but it has not stopped seeping completely like he was hoping. So in January he is going to inject still a different medication into my right eye that is supposed to be even stronger than the last two medications he has tried. Each time they advance to a stronger medication, the risks of the cataracts and glaucoma increase, but if we don’t do something to stop the seepage, I risk losing the sight in my right eye.
On the way back home, Jean and I did a little shopping at Wal-Mart and then we went to a little coffee shop in downtown Newhall called the Way Station. I had heard about this place for years and wanted to try it. It was OK, but I’ve had much better foods at other places in town.
Got home around 2:30 pm. Hiker was glad to see me. She hates it so much when I have to leave her at home alone.
It has been very cloudy here all day and in the mid-60’s. They say we may have more rain tonight and then another storm is coming in off the Pacific in the middle of next week.


  1. That is a shame that your eyes need more treatments. Sounds like you really are getting your fill of rain too. Hang in there. I know how Hiker feels being cooped up at home. Happens to me when it snows.

  2. I sure pray your eyes will be better. You live in a beautiful place.


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