Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Rain At Last

Woke to the sound of rain this morning. Decided not to go to my support group because people in SoCal do not know how to drive in the rain. They can barely drive in dry weather let alone when the streets are wet. My friend DeDee had told me she was not going if it was raining and I got a call from Jane (from the group) asking me if I was going. She said she and Linda were deciding if they were going to go to group.
Got a text from Keith telling me that his power was out over in Orange County. He said it stayed off for a little while.
Built a fire in my fireplace to keep Hiker warm. She gets so wet when she goes outside to potty. I dry her with a big towel, but her hair is so thick that it says damp for a while.
Decided to bake some lemon bars today since I was cooped up in the house.
It rained pretty much all day. We really need this although after 3+ years of drought, we need rain during our “rainy months” for 3+ years to make up for what we have lost. Rivers, lakes and reservoirs are at an all-time low.
Went out to get the mail during a lull in the storm but as soon as I got back into the house, it started pouring again.
Have to get up early tomorrow morning to get my car over to the car dealer for service. Have to be there at 8 am so I hope it is not raining in the morning.

Wet doggy

Warm and dry


  1. Hope the rain doesn't lead to flooding. Stay dry.

  2. Glad you got much needed rain, made you want to dance in? I would have.


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