Thursday, December 4, 2014

Finally Got Out For A Walk

On this date back in 1994, Ben and I moved into the house that I am still living in. Where did those 20 years go?
My fried Ed (Ben’s best friend) was supposed to drive up from Pomona today and we were going to go to lunch but he called just before 8am to reschedule. It’s a 65 mile drive one-way for him and there are several road closures due to the weather (mudslides, etc.), plus it still looks like it could rain more at any minute. We rescheduled for Monday.
Hiker and I drove over to buy my lottery ticket. It was very cloudy, dark and gray out. The storm that went through here just doesn’t want to leave. We really need the rain, but after 3 days of this, it makes me feel a little depressed. I know Hiker is going crazy because we have not gotten out for any walks or to play and she has not seen her doggy friends Charlie and Sassy. When we got back from going for the ticket, she didn’t want to get out of the car. I kept telling her to get out and she just kept moaning and groaning like a kid. I had to force her to get out.
The sun finally came out around 11am and Hiker was able to go out into the back yard and wander around. Her normal morning is to go outside around 9am and stay out until around 11am.
After lunch, Hiker was bouncing off the wall so I took her over to Central Park and let her out on her extension leash so she could roam around. She and I both really needed to get out into some fresh air. We had been cooped up on the house for 2 or 3 days with the rain.
Have an appointment with my eye doctor at Kaiser tomorrow. Don’t know if he is going to give me another injection or not. Jean is taking me.

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  1. Glad you and Hiker got out and about. Good luck at the doctor's tomorrow.


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