Friday, December 19, 2014

Overcast All Day

I cannot believe that Christmas is less than a week away. Where did 2014 go?
It was 40° when Hiker woke me up at 6 am to let her outside. We once again crawled back under the covers until around 7:45 am.
This morning I had to call Javier, who is the foreman of the work crew here at Canyon View Estates. Several months back, he had to change out the main breaker in my electrical box outside because it was fried. I noticed now for several weeks that my lights were flickering at night when I had them turned on, plus last night, I turned on my kitchen light and it went out seconds after I turned it on, so I flipped the on/off switch and it came back on.
Javier came by and saw that the back-up breaker in the electrical box was now fried also, so he and one of his crewman came back a little after 11 am and replace the breaker.
We are lucky to have a work crew right on the premises of our community to do all kinds of work for us.
Hiker was trying to hide the best she could while they were fixing the breaker because when they turned off the electricity, it caused the electric smoke alarms that came with the house to make whistle noises. Ben and I bought battery operated smoke alarms right after we moved in because we felt that if there was an electrical fire and it cut the power, that the electric smoke alarms would be useless. Anyway, Hiker was burrowing in behind me and the pillows on the sofa. All you could see was her butt sticking out. Dogs just do not know how to hide.
Took Hiker for an afternoon walk at Canyon Country Park. It was very cloudy and cool but we really needed to get some exercise.


  1. you both are looking great and i am thinking it is from all that hiking excercise you get. a beautiful place to walk and a super thing to have electricians available. anything that happens to us we have to figure out who to call and wait for days..

  2. Had to chuckle about your comment that dogs don't know how to hide. I can tell you from experience neither do cats. Glad the bad breaker got fixed before the holiday.


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