Friday, December 12, 2014

Newsworthy Day

A lot of stuff to post about today.
Around 2 am I heard the weather app on my cell phone telling me that I was under a flash flood warning. It started drizzling last night around 8 pm. It really started coming down hard…and I mean HARD around midnight. The wind was howling like a hurricane.
Just before 5 am, I heard a text on my cell phone. It was my brother Keith telling me that a window in his apartment was leaking as if there was not even a pane of glass in it. He sent a short video of it and you could hear the dripping and see that his carpet was sopping wet.
I turned on the TV news and they were showing all of the mudslides and all of the accidents on the roadways. Also heard that some areas in the valley I live in were without power. Glad I don’t have to go out anywhere today.
Hike had to go outside to potty around 5:30 am. She came back in so wet. It took two really big bath towels to dry her off.
The problem here in California is that we’ve been in a drought for over three years and we’ve all been wanting rain so badly. But we really don’t want to get it all at once like this. It would be nice if it would spread itself out some.
Heard on one of the TV emergency alerts that two or three of our local (normally dry) creeks overflowed their banks and caused traffic problems. I’d like to see what our normally dry riverbed (that so many of you have seen my photographs of) looks like right now, but I don’t want to go out in the pouring rain.
I was on the phone with Jean since we didn’t have our dog walk this morning. We needed to figure out what time we are meeting up to go to our community Christmas party tonight. I noticed that Hiker had gotten her blanket that I fold up and put in the corner of the bedroom each morning and she was running all over the house with a corner of it in her mouth and the rest of it dragging behind her. I wanted to get a video of her doing it but once I got out my phone, she stopped.
Anyway, I have to meet up with Jean at 3:30 pm because we’ve been asked to come down to the rec room early to help get everything ready before everyone else starts to show up.
I noticed that I have a leak or two on my patio. I see it dripping from a couple of places, but cannot figure out where the leaks actually are. I’m just glad that it’s the patio roof that is leaking and not the house roof.
Jean called me around 10:45 am and wanted me to run over to the Dollar Tree with her. On the way home, a bunch of fire engines, police and an ambulance passed us and we saw them over in the riverbed. We saw a couple of fire fighters climbing down the embankment into the river. It looked like they were “working” on someone and then the rescue helicopter came flying over and came down really low as if to land, but then they were called off and flew away. Come to find out, it was the dead body of a male lying face down in the water. I’m guessing that it was one of the local homeless people. A lot of them live under the bridges in the normally dry riverbed and I’ll bet they drowned last night in the deluge.
Heading over to the recreation room to help set up for the Christmas party.


  1. Oh I hope you are staying safe.That sounds and looks fierce.

  2. Weather like that is scary, stay safe.

  3. I'm glad you were safe though everything around you seemed to be falling apart. It's a shame that much needed rain brought such chaos.


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