Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ben's Third Laser Treatment

Just got back from Kaiser where Ben had his third laser treatment in his right eye. We found out today that they usually do 3 treatments per eye because they cannot shoot the laser into the eye for too long or it can cause permanent blindness.
The ophthalmologist told Ben that they will send us an appointment card for his next visit when the hope to start the laser treatments on his left eye. The doctor said he will have to see if some of the blood has cleared up so he can see what he's doing.
Started raining while we were down in Panorama City, but not a hard rain. Barely raining when we go back home.

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  1. I hope Ben's eye clears up so they can get started on it...I'm sure that is frustrating having to go back and forth. Have a great Wednesday, Sheila


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