Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Second Day Of Rain

The rain started falling again this morning and has not let up at all today. They just had a tornado or something go through Orange County, CA which is really something rare for SoCal. We had turned on the TV news and heard the warning and then they reported that a funnel had been spotted off the coast and was heading toward the land. There was a new reporter down at Seal Beach and she said the police were coming through with bull horns telling people to get off the beach. They were also telling people to take cover inside their homes.
They got a report that "something" had gone through a parking lot and flipped over some vehicles and blown down some trees. They have not verified that it was actually a tornado yet.
We are over 100 miles north of that area, so we were not under the warning, but we are still getting very heavy rain and wind.

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