Monday, January 25, 2010

House Cleaning Day (YUCK)

Today I have to do one of my most dreaded chores.....clean the house. Seems the older I get, the heavier that vacuum cleaner gets. It's so hard to push across the carpets sometimes. And the dusting! Makes me sneeze more now than it used too. Wish I was rich so I could afford a housekeeper.
Yesterday was beautiful here in rain and beautiful blue skys. Some clouds started to appear late in the afternoon and they made a beautiful sunset.

Today, so far, it is also clear but they are telling us that another storm is supposed to hit here tonight and last through tomorrow. I'm not looking forward to more rain, especially since I have to drive Ben down to the Valley to his Ophthalmologist. I have to drive down Interstate 5 in the rain. People drive crazy on the freeways in good weather and they are even worse in the rain.
Well, I'd better get to work on the house - YUCK!


  1. I totally agree with you about people driving nutso on the interstates--especially in the rain. We just try to stay in the right lane --and let all of the idiots pass us!!!!

    I don't like to clean house either. I don't mind weeding flowerbeds or raking leaves or anything outside. BUT--I despise cleaning the inside of our house. Most of the time, GE and I do it together --which helps.

    Be careful!!!

  2. Hope that ortho appt was not bad and the drive ok. We have a big ice storm coming Friday. It'll probably be nothing. They hype it up and by the time it gets here the ingredients do not come together. I sent you the recipe for George's chicken pot pie on FB just now. It's yummy! Take care and have a good evening.


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