Monday, January 4, 2010

Walk....Don't Hike

Had planned on going for a hike over in Towsley Canyon this morning, but when I got ready to go, the sky looked a little questionable.
Now I don't mind walking in the rain, but I do NOT hike in the rain. I am NOT one of those hikers that you hear about on the news who takes off on a mountain trail when the weather may turn and they end up getting lost or falling down a cliff and the search and rescue team has to come and pull them out of the canyon with a helicopter.
I decided instead to just drive over to the lake at Bridgeport (one of my favorite walking paths) and just walk around there.


  1. Hi Kay. So nice of you to drop by my blog and leave a kind message. Your weather might be too warm for lettuce. Lettuce is a cool crop. It is freezing here but the seeds are in my cold utility room window. Here's hoping.

    It is nice to meet you too. Have a great day. Becca

  2. What a beautiful place to walk. I love the mountain in the background. The water is so pretty.


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