Thursday, January 30, 2014

Another Lazy Day - Oh Well.....

Didn't sleep in as long today as I did yesterday. Very cloudy outside when Hiker and I went over to Wal-Mart. They say we “might” get some drizzle, but that's not enough to help our drought situation. Got busy on the computer working on some of my photographs and suddenly realized what time it was. My phone rang and it was my friend RuthAnne calling to see if I was going to come over to Placerita. I had forgotten to call or text her to let her know if I was going to hike with her today. Since she is training to be a docent at the nature center, she usually takes a hike after the class and I have been meeting her there each Thursday. But the morning slipped away from me somehow and I forgot to let her know. My Bad! My mind has not been where it should be today. I am NOT looking forward to tomorrow. I have to go to my retinal specialist for the first in a series of eye injections. Jean is going to drive me down to Kaiser in Panorama City. My appointment is not until the afternoon. I've had several people who have had these injections tell me that I will not feel it so it won't hurt, but they said it is uncomfortable because when the put the antibiotic into the eye, it stings really bad. I'm guessing that since my mind has been on my appointment tomorrow, I forgot about the hike. Sorry about that RuthAnne.


  1. Good luck tomorrow at the eye specialist.

  2. Hope all went well with appointment and you will have a good day.


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