Thursday, January 9, 2014

Remembering A Friend

Today I attended the memorial service for Gin Phelan. She had been a member of our grief support group for almost 2 years. She was never able to totally accept the death of her husband and she would often say she just wanted to be with him and she had told me in early December that she didn't know if she could face another Christmas without him. She didn't have to as she died on December 19th from heart failure. Everyone in the group knows that she actually died from a broken heart, but we are all very happy for her because she is now where she wanted to be. Ten of us from group (including Judy our therapist) attended the service. It was a very nice service and a few people told stories about Gin that made all of us laugh. Gin was a fun, feisty lady and we will all miss her. After the service, eight of us went to lunch at Dario's (a local Mexican restaurant that Gin liked). When I got home, I saw that Hiker had been lying in the small bathroom. I think that's where she hangs out sometimes when I'm away from home. Dogs seem to feel safe in bathrooms. I'm guessing because it is a small area and the feel secure in small areas. Was partly cloudy here today and in the mid 60s.


  1. Your friend is at peace. It was wonderful you all gave her a nice sendoff.

  2. Sounds like you did a wonderful job of remembering your friend. I am sure the memories will continue.Sorry you had to say another good-bye.


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