Friday, January 31, 2014

Poke In The Eye Wasn't Too Bad

Had trouble going to sleep again last night, but I know what the reason was this time. It's because today I am going to have my eyeball poked with a needle. When Hiker and I got out of bed, it was very dark and cloudy outside. We were to meet up with Jean and her dogs at 7:30 am for our usual Friday walk. Around 7 am, my phone rang and it was Jean telling me that she was noticing sprinkles on her kitchen window. I went out onto my patio and it was drizzling but not that bad so I told her we should go ahead and walk, which we did, and by the time we were done with the walk, the clouds were clearing up and the sun was coming out. Jean picked me up between 12:15 and 12:30 to take me down to Panorama City Kaiser for my appointment with my retinal specialist. My appointment was at 2 pm but we always leave early because we have to travel 25 miles and never know what the traffic on the freeways will be like. Plus there have been times that when I get to appointments early, they take me in earlier and I get out sometimes before my actual appointment time. I am a little nervous about the eye injection today, but I've had several people who have had eye injections tell me that it's no big deal, that I won't feel a thing, so I'm hoping they are not lying to me. I remember I went with Ben once to the same retinal specialist when Ben had to have an injection and he swore to me that he didn't feel a thing, so I am telling myself to be brave. My main thing is that I hope the series of steroid injections will really help my vision. I just got home and need to eat some dinner so I will send more info on how it went in tomorrow's email blog.

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