Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Lazy Today

Very lazy day today. For some reason, I could not fall asleep last night. I went to bed around 8:45 pm and read a few chapters of my book on my Kindle. Still not sleepy. Got my iPad and played some games. Still not sleepy. Turned the TV on. Could not find anything good to watch so channel surfed for about a hour. Finally started to doze off around 1 am so I turned the TV off. Woke up several times during the next four hours. Got up to let Hiker go outside around 6 am then went back to bed to try to get some sleep, but Hiker decided she wanted to play, so finally got out of bed just before 8 am. Had some breakfast, ran my weekly and monthly scans on both of my laptops then headed over to Sam's Club to pick up some things I was running out of. Got up to 84° here in SoCal today. I feel so sorry for those people in the other half of the United States who are having all of that cold snow. Even the most southern states are have terrible weather.


  1. Sounds like my sleep pattern. It is like I am just in bed to taking a nap.
    I try not to but sometimes I just take a p.m. then I only sleep about 4:hr.
    We are very cold but no snow.

  2. 84 sounds heavenly. It's been below zero here. Going up to 17 tomorrow.


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