Sunday, January 5, 2014


Slept in again this morning. I am getting so used to doing that. In July, if I have to take the train to downtown Los Angeles for Federal Jury Duty, I will have to get up around 5 am to catch the train that will get me there on time and I know that is going to be hard. Hiker and I went to get my Lottery tickets and then went over to Sam's Club. I was there last Friday and as I was leaving the store, I noticed they had some really nice “hotel grade” pillows for a really good price. I've been needing some new pillows for my Cal-King bed. I didn't get them Friday because I had already gone through the check-out line and didn't want to go back again. So I got two new pillows for my bed. When we got back home, I did a load of laundry, changed my sheets and vacuumed the carpet. My carpet is starting to look really bad. Ben and I had new carpet installed about a year before he died. I was taking really good care of it and then Ben got sick and ended up in the hospital, so I was not taking good care of it anymore and then when Ben died, I didn't care about anything, so I was not cleaning house much. Now the carpet needs to be stretched as it is bunching up in several places, but I do not have anyone to move furniture for me so I can hire some carpet repair people to come fix it. I wanted new flooring but Ben was the one who wanted carpet. If I would have known that he was going to die and that I'd be having a dog, I would have gone for laminate flooring instead. This dry, windy weather we have been having for the past several months is really drying out my skin and my entire body is “surrounded” by static electricity. Every time I touch something I get a shock. Hiker and I keep shocking each other and my blouse keep riding up on me because it is full of electricity.

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