Saturday, February 1, 2014

Beautiful Day Here

Well yesterday was interesting. My appointment was a 2 pm but I didn't actually get my injection until around 4 pm. There must have been about 20 other people getting injections that day. I went in and out of the office about 2 or 3 times. First for the nurse to do her thing (checking my vision, dilating my eye and putting the numbing gel in). Then back to the lobby to wait. Next back in to talk with the doctor and have him look into my eye. Then back to the lobby to wait. Then finally back in to have them put more numbing gel and antibiotics into my eye and then the injection. Didn't really hurt, per say, but it was uncomfortable. Not really looking forward to having it done 3 more times. There was a really nice man sitting next to me in the lobby who had almost gone totally blind due to Type 2 Diabetes who had eye surgery and injections that helped him to get his sight back. He knew that this was the first injection for me so he told me how it was done and kept telling me not to worry that it was not as bad as I was thinking. He did help calm me down quite a bit. After I was finally finished, it was almost 4:30 and we had to go over to the Kaiser pharmacy to get some lubricant drops for my eye. Traffic was terrible coming home and we didn't get home until about 5:15 pm. Hiker sure was glad to see me. This morning when we got out of bed, my eye was a little sore, however I did seem to notice that even though my vision in that eye is still distorted, it didn't seem as “cloudy” as it was before. While doing a load of laundry this morning, I went online and ordered my blood pressure medications and also made an appointment in March for my annual checkup with my primary doctor. Hiker and I went on a walk this afternoon. Did just over 2 miles. Very nice weather outside, but they say cloudy and drizzle tomorrow. We will see.

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  1. Those flowers were sure pretty. Glad everything with your eye went smoothly.


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