Friday, April 18, 2014

Another Eye Injection

Got up pretty early this morning. Originally Hiker and I were going to go for a dog walk with Jean before I went to my eye appointment, but that changed when I realized my iPad was missing and I went back over to the car wash where I was yesterday to see if they had found it. Luckily they did have it. I don't know if I set it down and just forgot it or if I dropped it somehow since I had so many other things I was carrying. Jean picked me up around 9:15 am to head over to Kaiser. Don't know if it's because it was Good Friday or what, but Kaiser was a circus! The parking lots were full and when we walked into the waiting room at Ophthalmology, There were only 2 seats left. Found out that someone had called in sick so everyone was doubling up on their work and patients trying to keep things running. My appointment was at 10:30 am but I didn't get my injection until about 11:45. On the way home, Jean and I stopped at Taco Bell for lunch and there were a bunch of school kinds in there. They can be so loud and sometimes rude. Hiker was glad to see me when I walked in the door. She wanted her mid-day snack. Now I have to “feel” my way around the house until my eyes get back to their normal size from being dilated. So I have one more injection next month and then photographs of the inner eye and then a follow up with the doctor. Then we will just go from there. Just laid back on the sofa and kept my eyes closed and the blinds closed after I got home to keep the glare from the sun out of them.

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  1. Hope those eyes clear up one way or another. This must be pretty stressful.


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