Sunday, April 6, 2014

Tranquil Sunday

Another night of not falling asleep until after midnight. Slept in until 7:30 am. Would have slept in later but Hiker decided she wanted to play with her squeaky Santa toy. Last night she pulled the barking “I wanna get a different toy out of my toy bin” routine. I opened her bin for her and she pulled out the rubber Santa that I got her last Christmas and now that's the only toy she is playing with. She gave up on the rubber pumpkin that she took out of the bin last week. Put the sheets and towels into the washing machine, made breakfast and then headed over to get my lottery tickets. Came back home and emptied the dishwasher then checked my emails and my Facebook page. Started watching “Pearl Harbor” on AMC. I have never seen the movie in its entirety and I still haven't because after lunch, I took a break to get Hiker out for a short walk. We didn't go very far because I am expecting my friend Lynn to come by and see if she wants any of the CalKing sheet sets I still have. Lynn came by a little after 2 pm. Hiker had never met her before and Hiker's hair was standing up and she was barking. She finally calmed down though and let Lynn into the house and accepted her. Lynn thought maybe Hiker reacted toward her the way she did because Lynn was wearing a hat. Got up to 80° here today.

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  1. It is possible the hat make Hiker more aggravated. Glad she finally let her in to visit.


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