Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Day Of Rest

I have been “on the go” for the past 7 days...starting with my support group last week, then spending the day with some friends on Wednesday, then going to Descanso Gardens on Thursday with the group ladies. Friday I did a load of laundry and did my grocery shopping. My brother Keith arrived Friday evening and he and I were out running around most of the weekend, and yesterday my friends came to my house to have me work with them on their laptop and we went out to lunch. I was so pooped this morning from all of that activity that I decided not to go to support group today. I just needed a day to rest and spend time with Hiker. That's another thing, Hiker got neglected all of that time that I was busy and I feel bad about that. Tomorrow my friend Jean and I are taking the Metrolink Train down to Los Angeles so I can have a “dry run” in case I have to report there for jury duty in July, so once again I'll be out and about and neglecting Hiker. I did have to wash some sheets this morning from when Keith was here, but the washer and drying do all of the work, so that wasn't too bad. Hiker is so funny. She knows that now and then I toss some of her fluffy toys into the wash to clean them and she knows that they come out of the dryer. I didn't wash any of them today, but that didn't stop her from looking for them. She first kept sticking her nose into the dryer as I was emptying it and then she kept sniffing all of the sheets and towels on the bed as I was folding them to put them away. Nutty dog. Was warm and windy here all day in Santa Clarita. Other than doing the quick load of laundry, I was true to my word about resting all day. I only went outside a couple of times into the back yard and also up to get the mail. The bad thing is I ordered 3 items on Amazon which I would not have done if I had not been home all day. I sure do like my new iPhone 5C that I got Saturday at the Verizon store. It is really fast. We were one of the last areas to receive 4G and I cannot believe how much faster it is than my old iPhone 4 with the 3G. Got up to 90° here today.

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  1. Bet Hiker was glad for the company today. Nice you took the day off to be with her.


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