Friday, April 11, 2014

Spent The Day With The Poppies

Up early this morning to first take all of the dogs for a walk and then Jean and I headed up to the Antelope Valley to visit the California Poppy Reserve. I was not able to take Hiker with me to hike with us up there as they only allow service dogs on the reserve. The parking lot was really full when we pulled in and then we found out that there was some kind of a field trip with a bunch of kids, but I guess the parents brought them as there was no bus or anything big in the lot. It was breezy when we got there and wasn't too bad for about an hour but then the wind started blowing really hard. The poppies were starting to close up and we were getting dust in our eyes. We hiked about 2.5 miles all over the hills and we stopped at the visitor's center and we each bought a T-Shirt. On the way up to the reserve, we passed an antique barn, so on the way back we stopped and went inside. They sure had a lot of stuff in that big old barn. Jean bought a little dog figurine, but I didn't buy anything. We then headed into Palmdale where we went to Alice's Diner for lunch. I used to go there when I worked in Palmdale at Lockheed, but had not been there in about 10 years. The food was not as good as I remembered, but was OK. Came home and put a load of laundry into the washing machine and then started going through my photos. Tomorrow Jean and I are heading over to our city's annual Earth Day/Arbor Day event at Central park. Should be a fun day.


  1. The poppies are GORGEOUS.... Reminded me of our visits to see the Bluebonnets in April --when I lived in Texas... Loved it....

    I'll hiker was NOT happy that his Mama left him today... BUT--I'm sure she was THRILLED when you got home!!!!!


  2. WOW!!! That is one place I would love to see.

  3. Glad you finally made your trip to the Poppy Reserve. Looks like a magnificent place. The poppies are gorgeous.


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